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Q: What versions of Outlook does 3StepShare work with?

A: 3StepShare will function with installations of Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, and Outlook 2013. 3StepShare DOES NOT function with Outlook 2016/Office365 installations.

Another solution, OfficeCalendar, offers full support for Outlook 2016/Office365 installations. Please see www.OfficeCalendar.com to review that option and mention "3STEPSHARE REFERRAL" to hear about a special pricing discount.

Q: How long is the Free Trial period?

A: The Free Trial period is 14-days, however, if you feel you need more time simply contact sales@3stepshare.com for an extension. You can also call-in to Sales toll free at 866-935-3206.

Q: How many licenses of 3StepShare will I need?

A: Each Outlook installation intended to be involved with sharing folders will require its own 3StepShare installation and license. For example, if you have three (3) Outlook installations that want to share folders and collaborate between, that would require three (3) licenses. Licenses can be purchased all under one account or separately if desired. To purchase 3StepShare licenses call Sales at 1-866-935-3206 or you can purchase licenses directly online at https://www.3stepshare.com/purchase/Purchase.aspx

Q: 3StepShare icons do not appear once Microsoft Outlook is started?

A: In Outlook, click the FILE tab > OPTIONS > ADD-INS and check to see if Outlook has listed “3StepShare” as Disabled or Inactive. If found, try using the dropdown menu (near the bottom of the same window) to recover them from the COM Add-ins or Disabled Items areas. Contact support for further assistance.

Q: Why aren’t the 3StepShare auxiliary emails being removed?

A: 3StepShare uses special “auxiliary” emails with attachments to publish and broadcast data back and forth between the users. The 3StepShare software should recognize, process, and remove them automatically, however sometimes outside influences can render those messages unreadable or unrecognizable. If that happens, updates will not process and the emails will remain.

To try and force those to process and unpack the updates, in Outlook (at the top) click the ADD-INS tab > 3STEPSHARE > click CONFIGURE > SETTINGS tab > checkmark "Enable Process Stuck Emails" > then checkmark the "Inbox" (and/or any other mail folders you find them in). Then delete and re-establish the folder share(s). Contact support for further assistance.

Still Need Help?

For the fastest service, all Technical Support inquiries should be emailed directly to support@3stepshare.com. Technical Support is available to all Free Trial Users and Maintenance & Upgrade Protection Plan subscribers. If you are a 3StepShare customer but unsure of your subscription status, please send your inquiry and our support staff will notify you if the subscriptions are up for renewal.

Technical Support Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 5:00PM (Central Time)

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