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The easy and affordable shared calendar software plugin for Microsoft Outlook

3StepShare is the world’s easiest and most affordable Outlook shared calendar software alternative to Microsoft Exchange. 3StepShare not only allows you to create shared Outlook calendar folders, but also enables shared Outlook contact, task, and email folders as well.

3StepShare installs in mere minutes, and because it’s an Outlook plugin, it’s drop-dead simple to use because it works directly within Microsoft Outlook, not through an external application. 3StepShare does NOT require a complicated server installation, and it does not require the setup of expensive hardware to enable shared calendars in Microsoft Outlook either. Instead, it uses Outlook’s built-in email capabilities to keep Outlook shared calendar, contact, task, and email folders in sync between two or more Microsoft Outlook installations.

Outlook shared calendars using 3StepShare

Built-in Outlook Shared Calendar Security keeps you in control

When you create a shared Outlook folder with 3StepShare, whether it’s your personal calendar or any other calendar folder within your Outlook folder list, you have full control over what type of access you give selected users to your shared Outlook calendar, contact, task or email folders. At the time you setup a shared Outlook calendar, contact, task or email folder; 3StepShare’s interface provides you with easy-to-understand options for the access rights in which you grant users to your shared Outlook folders.

3StepShare’s Outlook shared calendar security

Additional security is provided with your shared Outlook calendars (and other Outlook folders) when you have items within them of a sensitive nature. For items in which you do not wish to be displayed to other users through shared Outlook calendar and other folders, you can simply mark them within Microsoft Outlook as Private, Personal, or Confidential (using Microsoft Outlook’s Sensitivity settings). Calendar, contact, task or email items marked with one of these sensitivity flags will not be shown in your shared Outlook folders within other Outlook user’s installations.

3StepShare’s Outlook shared calendar privacy settings

More than just shared Outlook calendar folders

Don’t let 3StepShare’s ease of use and affordable price fool you. 3StepShare includes more than just shared Outlook calendar folders. In fact, 3StepShare includes the following:

  • Shared Outlook calendars
  • Shared Outlook contacts
  • Shared Outlook tasks
  • Shared Outlook email
  • And more...

For an in-depth look at the 3StepShare Outlook sharing plugin and its capabilities, visit the 3StepShare detailed product information page at http://www.3StepShare.com/products/outlook-calendar-sharing.aspx.

To download a free trial version of 3StepShare click here.

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