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Have you ever opened an email with an attachment, only to see the words "Outlook blocked access to the following potentially unsafe attachments:…?" Believe it or not, this problem is common for many Microsoft Outlook users. This problem occurs because Microsoft Outlook has a built-in security feature that automatically blocks many types of popular email file attachments in an attempt to block viruses that are often delivered in this form. Many Outlook users are looking for a way to control their email attachments, and Microsoft Outlook does not offer a simple way to choose which types of file attachments to block and unblock.

AttachmentSecurity is a free Microsoft Outlook add-in utility that easily resolves this problem. By using AttachmentSecurity’s simple interface, you can select which file types to block and unblock in your Outlook emails. After the program is installed, AttachmentSecurity adds a small icon to your Outlook toolbar, so nothing changes in the way you use Outlook. Because AttachmentSecurity only consists of a single dialog box, receiving and unblocking file types is fast and easy!

Download your free copy of AttachmentSecurity for Microsoft Outlook

To download your free copy of AttachmentSecurity for Microsoft Outlook, or for more information, visit our website at www.attachmentsecurity.com.

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