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Share Microsoft® Outlook® calendar, contacts, tasks and other folders in three easy steps

Share Outlook calendars for only $39.95!

Share Outlook calendar, contact, tasks and email...

Install the 3StepShare plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Invite users to share your Microsoft Outlook folders

Share your Outlook with other Microsoft Outlook users

Typically installs in less than a minute and becomes an integral part of your Microsoft Outlook installation.
Choose an Outlook folder you wish to share and who you wish to share it with. 3StepShare emails the user an invitation.
When your invitation to share an Outlook calendar, contact or other folder is accepted, it is kept in sync by email.

Easily and affordably share Microsoft Outlook calendar, contacts and more

3StepShare is an affordable and easy-to-use plugin application for Microsoft Outlook that enables you to share your Outlook calendar, contact, task and mail folders. 3StepShare is ideal for small businesses, organizational teams and/or families because it enables the sharing of Outlook calendar and other folders without the need for Microsoft Exchange Server.

While many applications that claim to share Outlook calendars and other folders require you to maintain data in two separate applications (Outlook and theirs), 3StepShare becomes an integral part of your Microsoft Outlook installation. In other words, 3StepShare is a true Outlook plugin, not a separate application that imports and/or exports Outlook calendar and contact data.

3StepShare features and benefits:

Share Microsoft Outlook calendars
Share Microsoft Outlook contacts
Share Microsoft Outlook mail folders
Share Microsoft Outlook tasks

Provides affordable alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server

Does NOT require a network server installation and configuration

Outlook sharing security and privacy options

Utilization of Outlook's Group Calendar view

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